Cutting the Vegas Nerve During Gastric Bypass Surgery

I recently received a question through the website that I thought might benefit other patients.

vegas nerve wikipediaQ) Does Doc Pop cut the vegas nerve during gastric bypass surgery?

A) First, let’s understand what the vegus nerve is and what it does to the body, specifically the stomach during gastric bypass surgery?

The vagus nerve extends from the brain, running throughout the body passing the neck and through the  through the abdomen.  Mainly it conveys sensory information about how each organ is functioning to the central nervous system. For the stomach specifically, one of the things it does it to signal the brain on feelings of hunger and fullness. When cut however, side-effects may include a Vitamin B-12 deficiency later in life which can lead to other health concerns and complications.

Whenever possible, I try to preserve the vegas nerve during gastric bypass surgery. It takes a little longer, but I don’t have any evidence that it is a good thing to cut the nerve.

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